Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little blue pills for Post Its

I hate Post Its. You write something on them and then they inevitably get lost because...

the post - its need a little white tack to stay up for long
think of it as Viagra for post - its.
I wish I could take credit for that little joke. Alas, my best friend from high school has a much better sense of humor than I do. When she departed her job to move west, I was hired in her place (nepotism, anyone?). She left this note on the computer monitor as a parting gift.

It's the only Post It I keep. I hate the things because I think they do more to make me disorganized than organized. I'm trying to learn to keep all of my sudden scribbles in one of three places: my to-do book at work, my journal at home, or my cell phone. 

I stumbled on these Post Its from the days when I thought Post Its were God's gift to organizing until I realized they just exist to prove how disorganized my head really is. 

You can get rid of Post It notes (and just about any other kind of office supplies) by donating them to your office or a friend's workplace. Most people love them and are happy to have the extras. In fact, I probably snagged these from one of my previous workplaces. My office mates seemed happy to have them. 

The Reckoning
Item 68: My Post It collection.
Fate: My office's supply cabinet.
Cost: Free. 
Total money wasted on junk I never should've bought: $405 and holding.


  1. Post-its have their place, but mostly they're just a good way to lose information. heh I wrote down an address on one a few days ago then couldn't find it to enter it into my GPS. Found it later on the living room floor.

    1. they certainly do get around! I've had a couple get stuck in my pockets before and then go through the wash. Very messy.

  2. I'm on the fence about Post-Its. I love them for work scenarios, but hate them for home. I actually just tossed the little ones you use to tab a book page since they are probably 10 years old (why I moved with them for years?!? I have no clue) and the stickiness wore off. Oh well, at least we both now know to save our dough ( or co's dough lol)!

    1. Funny that something made of paper has an expiration date, isn't it? Glad you found one more thing to toss!


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