Saturday, March 24, 2012

i can has baf towelz

Our washing machine eats bath towels for breakfast. 
Yes, kitty cat can have a bath towel. No, we don't own a cat (actually, I'm deathly allergic to cats).

The organization I work for is having a charity drive to collect bath towels and bedsheets for the local humane society. Did you know that animal shelters need those extra bath towels and sheets you've been trying to get rid of? I sure didn't. Great timing too, because our washer decided to have a bath towel for a snack this week.

We own 9 bath towels.

2 for The Husband
2 for me
2 for guests
3 spares

We want 8. It may seem like a lot, but it ends up being just enough when The Husband's family or mine all come to visit. This happens 4-6 times a year so it makes sense for us to have eight towels when there are five people who all want showers and three of them have long hair and don't own hair dryers. Towel #9 is now keeping a cat or dog warm and dry.

Oh, and we threw in the dirty pillowcase in the picture too. The shelters aren't picky about stains or material. Make a homeless cat or dog a little more comfortable and clean out your linen closet at the same time. You can find a shelter near you by using the following websites:


The Reckoning

Item 66 and 67: A holey bath towel and a really dirty pillowcase. 
Cost: We own more towels and more pillowcases than we need, so we never should have bought these. The towel unfortunately was one of our better ones, so it was probably $10. The pillowcase was probably $5. 
Fate: The local humane society's animal shelter. 
Total money wasted on stuff we shouldn't have bought in the first place: $405


  1. 8 bath towels doesn't seem like a lot. For me, that would be an aspirational goal. I can't tell you how many towels we have. We are a family of 4 and we have at least 10 pool towels alone. There's no telling how many bath towels, wash cloths, etc. we have. We're just starting our de-cluttering (as in, this past weekend), so I'll have to pull all of our towels from each room and then purge. I'm quite scared of how many we have cluttering up our home...

    1. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Half the battle is figuring out exactly what you have too much of. Maybe 10 pool towels is the right amount for you. When my sister and I were swimmers my mom had to have that many. We didn't own a dryer and needed the spares if we wanted to have a dry towel after practice. Point is, you'll find what's enough for you, even if it's more than what most minimalists think you need.

      Congrats on starting your decluttering journey! Let me know how it goes!


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